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101 Dálmatas

Dalmatian War

Charity project to donate part of the profits to animal shelters. New solidarity initiative. Collection of 101 Dalmatians, 101 illustrations of different Dalmatians.

Why the dogs?
Those of you who didn't know them, I had two dogs: Barney (the demon beagle) and Iru (the carpet cocker spaniel). Having a dog is a great responsibility and also one of the best companies someone can have... I still remember Barney always falling asleep at my feet while I was drawing. One of my biggest launches or successes in drawing was my dogs, I drew several breeds of dogs in my own style... and in a few months I sold more than 100 drawings.

During quarantine, everyone forgot about the animal shelters, we all donate money for medicines, hospitals etc but… and the dogs? I did 2 auctions of two drawings and I raised 4 figures, part of the profits I donated to dog shelters (and that I was homeless and jobless) I received a lot of negative reviews for donating it to shelters and not to Hospitals for CoVid, I continue being very happy with my decision.

In September 2022, drawing a commission for a Dalmatian, I thought... what if I did all 101, in a unique way and that they cannot be commissioned, and donate again part of the profits to shelters. I communicated this idea through stories... and the response was incredible. Days weeks and almost two months without stopping, I managed to make the entire composition.

Of course… Number 11 is for me!



FRIDAY 21 October 2022



Each person will be able to buy their Dalmatian by number, they will not see the Dalmatian until it arrives at home, in exchange, the shipping will be free and taxes included.


SATURDAY 22 October 2022



12:00 official web launch.

Auction (Stories) Pongo & Perdita

Auction (Stories) Chubby Dalmatian

La enmarcación va incluida en el precio

Conditions: The blind presale as the online sale is the framing included in the price. In the blind pre-sale VAT will be included while in the official sale VAT will be excluded. Pre-sale shipping costs are covered by the author, online sales will be excluded. The author is responsible for any damage that the frame and glass may have received and responsible for replacing it. The return of the sheet will not be accepted in any case unless there are justified causes such as deterioration of the sheet.

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