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Return policy

Returns & Exchanges :


Returns will not be accepted in any case.


To make a product change (frame) you must follow the following steps:


1. Request a return by mail to within a period not exceeding 7 business days following the date of receipt of the product.


2. The item must be received by not welcome within a maximum period of 15 business days.


3. The customer should not be responsible for both the cost of sending it to us and the cost of the new shipment that we will make. In no case will money be returned or the difference exchanged, in case of exchange for a lower priced product, for the new shipment. The customer is responsible for the product until it reaches us.


We recommend that the item be shipped by courier or certified mail and that proof of shipment be retained.


In the event that not welcome you have mistakenly sent an item other than the one requested or the frame is not in optimal conditions, please contact us at for the change. Only in this case, we assume the costs of both shipping and return.


There will be 15 days from the purchase of an item for its exchange for another one in the event of a frame shipping defect.

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